Jersey & Guernsey

Holiday Cottages & Self Catering Accommodation


Time Of Arrival/Check-in

The earliest time you can check-in to your accommodation and the latest you can check-out is stated on your confirmation documents. Under the 'Accommodation' and 'Information' section. Please ensure you have advised us of your travel arrangements as this is needed to allocate resources in preparation for your check-in.

Access & Collection Of Keys

Instructions regardig check-in and key collection is included with your confirmation documents along with an unattended check-in procedure (where applicable).

What Is Provided

Unless stated otherwise all self catering venues provide cooking facilities, fridge, cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils and colour television. Additional information regarding your accommodation is included with your confirmation documents under the 'Accommodation' and 'Information' heading.

Bed Linen And Towels

Bed linen and towels are provided. Unless otherwise stated, cot linen and beach towels are not provided.

Holiday Insurance

The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom. There is a limited reciprocal agreement for UK nationals, however, related charges are expensive. There is no European reciprocal health agreements; You will be charged commercial values for all medical treatment. Additionally, holiday insurance is considered essential in case you have to cancel your booking or need to claim for your personal possessions, loss of money, disrupted or cancelled travel arrangements, personal liability or other matters which would potentially be covered if you are appropriately insured.

To start comparing and researching cover, Click here to receive an obligation-free quote. Insurers provide varying degrees of cover relating to Covid-19 and you must decide which cover is best before making a final decision; Financial services legislation means we are not able to advise you, however, we are lead to believe that a degree of cover for some circumstances relating to Covid-19 is provided by these companies, there may be other and better choices:  Go Compare  Trailfinders  Coverwise

Valuable Items

Ensure that you have adequate insurance and keep a note of the makes name, model, serial number etc. of valuable items such as cameras and jewellery. Remember there are limitations to cover provided by holiday insurance.

Car Hire

Macole's competitive car hire prices are often cheaper than booking direct with car hire companies or brokers. Pre-booking is essential to guarantee that a vehicle will be available. REMEMBER YOUR DRIVING LICENCE, hire of vehicles is not possible without it.
Click here to visit our car hire page.


Most public car parks and roadside parking have a dual payment option by way of either scratch cards or mobile app payment. Books of scratch cards can be obtained from shops and garages. Look out for the signs in car parks indicating how long you may park for and payment arrangements. Free parking is sometimes offered for specified durations by using the yellow disk clock supplied by parish halls and some car hire company's. The PayByPhone app works on both android and OS mobiles and can be downloaded from the app store. The logo has 9 green squares.

Emergency Contact Number

If you need to contact us in an emergency during your holiday; first, call our main administration number on 0330 1749 320 and leave a message. ALSO call 01534 730359 and, if asked, leave a message. Use the same numbers in the unlikely event of a complaint. Please also read the section headed "Complaints" in our Essential Reading Terms.


We sincerely wish you an enjoyable stay in our beautiful islands, and that you find everything to your liking in your self catering holiday cottages Guernsey and Jersey. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy regarding any aspect of your holiday, important information is detailed above and in the Essential Reading terms. We recommend you read your holiday documents carefully to ensure you are familiar with the arrangements that have been made. BZJHX2