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By Sea Ferry to Guernsey and Jersey

Macole's ferry fares are generally cheaper or the same than those offered direct from the ferry company direct. We are never more expensive. We will always try to save you money before you commit to paying higher fares.

The ferry service to the Channel Islands offers you the advantage of packing everything at home and unpacking when you reach your Jersey or Guernsey holiday home. This is particularly convenient if you or your children want to bring lots of belongings. There's no airport security queues and no airport parking fees!

The fast ferry service from Poole or Weymouth has a scheduled travelling time of 2 1/2 hours to Guernsey and under 4 hours to Jersey. The traditional style ferry from Portsmouth involves a daytime sailing to the Channel Islands of both Jersey and Guernsey, and a night sailing home. The conventional ferry journey time is approximately 8 to 13 hours.

With comfortable seating, the fast ferry offers a choice of seating upgrades, café, bar, child play facilities and duty free for your pleasure. The traditional ferry service from Portsmouth offers all of the above plus both daytime and overnight en suite cabin options.

Ferry fares do change depending on availability and demand, just like the airlines. Macole's take the confusion out of booking the ferry to Guernsey and Jersey by doing all the work for you.

Telephone our friendly team for further assistance on 01534 488100.